Crete Evil Eye Bracelet

Blissfully Liss Jewelry

$ 26.00

A Greek inspired stacking bracelet made with your choice of Sunstone, Mother of Pearl or Sea Green Jasper gemstones. The 4mm stones keep this bracelet on the daintier side but still makes a pop on your wrist. Accented with gold filled rounds and a glass evil eye bead. Measures approx. 7” on stretch elastic. 

••• Jewelry Care •••

Blissfully Liss Jewelry is handcrafted with unique gemstones & delicate metals. Gold filled is a very high quality material. However, we still do not recommend wearing gold filled jewelry in the ocean or pools to help make your piece last. If you do get saltwater or chlorine on it, please rinse off with cold water and pat dry. When not wearing, please store your Blissfully Liss Jewelry in the cloth pouch included with your order. Please reach out with any further questions you may have!

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