All About Blissfully Liss

Designed and handcrafted by owner Melissa Cappolina, Blissfully Liss Jewelry is a unique collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets created to bring simple bohemian vibes to your wardrobe.
A little note from Melissa:
It all started in 2009 when my grandmother taught me how to make beaded necklaces and bracelets. I instantly fell in love with the design and creativity outlet that jewelry-making gave me. I was always so into fashion growing up; I even wanted to become a fashion designer when I was younger! But now my dreams have shifted and I have become a jewelry designer! 
Growing up on a small beach town in Ocean City, New Jersey, I started my small jewelry brand. I sold my creations to friends, at school craft fairs and local venues. But I knew I wanted to I created an Etsy shop in 2012. Over the years, I have established great customer relationships through by promoting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In 2016, I decided to create my own website! I now sell my designs globally for retail & wholesale. Everyday I am growing my business further and I hope to one day have Blissfully Liss Jewelry as my only full time job.
All of my designs are simple yet can make any outfit look adorable with just the slightest, bohemian touch. Whether it's a beaded bracelet stack on your wrist or a layered necklace set, Blissfully Liss has everything you need to stay on trend with your jewelry!